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* Dr Elliot Stevenson-Smith has completed over 1,000 Invisalign cases and is one of the UK's most experienced practitioners.

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From only £1,695 with free retainers and tooth whitening

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Free Zoom Video Consultation

How does Invisalign work?

Your New Smile in 3 Steps.

1. Book Free Zoom Consultation.

Book your free Zoom consultation and tell us what you want to achieve. We will listen to what your main concerns are, advise you on the time your Invisalign treatment will take, the costs involved and discuss finance plans with you.

2. Book a face to face appointment at the practice

Come in for a full exam and to get started. We will show you how your teeth will move and start your treatment.

3. Wear Aligners and Retainers.

Wear each of your Invisalign aligners for 7-10 days each until your teeth are straight. Once you have straightened your teeth, you need to wear retainers at night to keep them straight.


Richard's Story.

Richard was typical of my adult patients who wanted straight teeth but without fixed braces or any drilling of the natural teeth. The modern solution is Invisalign, an almost invisible tooth straightening system.

"I had always had a slight crossover with my top front teeth however, by the time I reached my early 40s, this was becoming much more pronounced. I have now had perfectly straight teeth for five years and could not be happier and especially with Dr Elliot Stevenson-Smith who treated me. I have a retainer overnight otherwise I forget my teeth were ever crooked". - RL

Invisalign for Teenagers.

Worried about wearing unsightly braces?

Invisalign works really well on both adults and teenagers.


Oliver's Story.

"As a teenager in my late teens and unhappy with the look of my teeth which were not straight, I was thrilled to find out that there was alternative to fixed braces. Invisalign are not visible, they can be removed whilst eating and the treatment time could be shorter. Once Dr Elliot was sure that, as a teenager, I would be disciplined in adhering to the plan, the treatment started. It was a totally painless and straight forward process. I am absolutely delighted with the end result and I now just continue to wear the Invisalign retainers every few nights." - OM

Stunning Results.

Less visits to the practice with remote monitoring.

Dental Monitoring allows us to check your progress and advise you on when to change your aligners without needing time off work to visit the practice.

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