Why Choose Us?

Over 1,000 Invisalign cases completed.

Invisalign trainer and lecturer.

Over 10 years fixed orthodontics experience.

Save over £1,000 vs local orthodontists.

0% finance over 12 months.

Free tooth whitening & retainers.

At Clear Braces Chichester we are passionate about your smile and we use the market leading Invisalign clear Braces system to create beautiful smiles for both teenagers and adults at an affordable price.

Dr. Elliot Stevenson-Smith has treated over 1,000 Invisalign cases and has lectured for Invisalign and trained dentists how to use the Invisalign system to get the best results. He has also over 10 years experience with traditional fixed braces.

He has developed the Align, Bleach and Bond technique, where teeth are straightened, whitened and where appropriate, small composite (white) fillings are bonded to the teeth to enhance smiles where, for example, the teeth are irregular due to size or wear. He calls this 'Delivering the WOW factor' as it produces results that are better than using just orthodontic fixed braces or Invisalign alone.

Dr Elliot Stevenson-Smith

"I have been transforming patients smiles for years now and it's something that I love to do. Having patients that really want to come to the dentist makes it both enjoyable and rewarding. Creating beautiful smiles changes lives as my patients feel confident to smile again. I like to combine Invisalign with minor cosmetic changes to create smiles that orthodontics alone cannot do, usually with no drilling. Come to Clear Braces Chichester and let me transform your smile beyond your expectations and at a much more affordable price".